Parquet | Installing skirting boards and profiles

Materials needed:

  • Glue or nails
  • Hammer

1. Skirting boards

SkirtingIn order to prevent impact sound, it is important that the skirting boards do not come into contact with the flooring. The skirting boards are attached to the wall several millimetres above the floor with nails, screws or glue. The skirting boards will cover the expansion joints. The standard skirting board thickness is 14 mm. Use quarter rounds or cover mouldings if the expansion joint is wider than 10 mm.

2. Profiles

3-in-1 profile parquetProfiles are placed at door openings, at transition points to other floor coverings or level differences and at construction and expansion joints. When installing the profiles, an expansion joint of 10 mm must also be provided for on both sides.

3-in-1 profile

The 3-in-1 profile is a multi-functional veneer profile for parquet floors without visible grooves. Using the knife provided, you can very easily transform this profile in function of the required application.

  1. Reducer profile: to bridge the transition between 2 floors of different heights.
    Reducer profile
  2. Threshold profile: is installed when no skirting board is used, for example at the base of a flight of stairs or under a sliding glass door.
    Threshold profile for parquet
  3. T-profile: is installed between 2 floors of equal heights or for covering an extra expansion joint.
    T-profile parquet

There are matching T-profiles available for all laminate and vinyl models.

T-profile laminateInstaillation of laminate profile


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