Parquet | glue down installation tongue and groove

glue down installation parquetIn a glued parquet installation, the floor planks are affixed directly to the subfloor. This type of installation requires specific expertise; therefore, we recommend that this type of installation be carried out by a parquet manufacturer or parquet layer. The glue is spread over the subfloor using a glue comb, and the planks are laid on the glue. This method is suitable for solid as well as multi-layer floors.

info Download the installation instructions for a full glue-down installation of tongue and groove parquet here.


  • Optimal reduction in the noise nuisance 
  • In contrast to a floating installation in which the individual planks form 1 plateau, here the shrinkage and expansion occur per plank. This allows a larger surface area to be laid without the need for reducer profiles.


  • The installation takes longer. 
  • Extra costs for the purchase of the glue 
  • The parquet cannot immediately be walked on which means that the skirting boards cannot be installed immediately either. 
  • The spreading of the glue must be done very precisely, since uneven spreading can cause problems. 
  • If you want to install a new floor later, substantial work is required to remove a glued-down floor.


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