Parquet | floating installation - click system

floating installation parquetLaying parquet can be easy with a floating installation, ideal for DIY'ers. The floor planks are not affixed to the subfloor but instead are joined to one another and ‘rest’ on the subfloor. In this case, the oak planks are clicked together using the click system.

info Download the installation instructions for a floating parquet installation with the click system here.


  • Ideal for do-it-yourself'ers
  • Quick installation: 
    No drying time for adhesives: skirting boards and profiles can be installed immediately.
  • If problems arise, a plank can be replaced locally.
  • This parquet can easily be removed and reinstalled in a new home.


  • A floating floor produces somewhat more noise nuisance than a glued floor, because in a floating floor there is a layer of air between the subfloor and the parquet.
  • Installation on floor heating systems is not recommended; the layer of air acts as insulation and results in the reduced transfer of heat.
  • The parquet floor may creak slightly or feel slightly springy. 
  • Parquet shrinks/expands under the influence of the surroundings. In order to absorb this movement, reducer profiles must be installed between adjacent rooms.
  • The presence of heavy furniture keeps the floor from being able to move freely. This may result in the formation of cracks or fissures or in the buckling of the planks.


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