Oiled parquet

1. Mechanically and traditionally oiled parquet
2. Advantages and disadvantages of oiled parquet

1. Mechanically and traditionally oiled parquet

The application of parquet oil is a saturation process: the oil penetrates into the wood grain of the parquet until it is completely saturated. This parquet oil can be applied either manually or mechanically. In addition, a distinction is made in the drying processes of these two types of floor. 

UV oiled parquet

UV dried wooden flooringThe oil is applied evenly with a brush or roller in the same direction as the wood fibres. After a short penetration time, this parquet oil is rubbed into the wood mechanically, and the excess oil is also removed mechanically. The planks are dried in just a few seconds with UV radiation. A photo-initiator is added to the oil before use. This initiator is activated by the UV radiation. These molecules initiate the curing reaction. The planks leave the oil-processing line dry and ready to be packaged.

Traditionally oiled parquet

Drying rack parquetThe application of the parquet oil occurs here in the traditional manner. Each plank is oiled manually with very high quality parquet oil (Rubio Monocoat or Woca oil). In order to achieve the look of authentic oiled parquet, the oil is applied and then wiped away again until optimal saturation of the wood fibres is achieved. To fix the colour, the planks are placed on the drying racks for 5 days where they are allowed to dry in a completely natural manner. The result is a plank with a distinct wood grain, both in the light and the dark tints. Previously, this entire process was carried out on-site, with all of the many practical inconveniences that resulted (dust, rooms that were inaccessible for several days, ... ).

2. Advantages and disadvantages


  • Damage to an oiled parquet floor can be repaired locally.
  • Oil is a natural product and is therefore an environmentally conscious choice.
  • The natural appearance and the feeling of the wood are optimal - the wood is not covered by a film as it is with lacquered parquet. 
  • The wood is well protected since the oil is absorbed into the pores of the wood.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Spots and dirt can more easily penetrate oiled wood than they can lacquered parquet.
    Problems can be avoided by immediately cleaning stains and by correctly implementing the maintenance programme (using the right products) from the very beginning.


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