Delivery and shipping


All our packages are being send with b-post:
Your package can be delivered at home or at a different address of your choice.

Can I choose when my delivery will be delivered?

When you place your order, your package will be prepared as soon as possible. We count 3 to 5 working days before arrival.

Can my order be delivered at my work address?
If you aren’t at home on the normal delivery hours, then the order can be shipped to a different address. When placing the order you have the opportunity to fill out next to the invoice address a different delivery address. There you can choose where to have the package delivered: your work, neighbors, family,…

Will I be kept up to date concerning the status of my delivery?

Yes. After placing your order and the making the payment, you will receive an automatic email to confirm your order and payment.

Later, when the package has been sent, you will receive a second e-mail from us. And when you have created an account for this webshop you can follow  the status of your package through the webshop yourself.

I haven’t received my package yet. Has it been send?

When your package is shipped with b-post you will receive a confirmation email. Did you not receive this email, then you can always track the status of your order via your Lamett account.

Click ‘my account’, log in with your username and password and click in the left menu on ‘my orders’, there you will see the status of your order and shipment.

I have given my own address as delivery address, what if I’m not at home when the courier is there?

The courier will come to your house up to 3 times. If each of these 3 times you’re not at home when, he will deliver the package to the nearest collection point. You will be informed by means of a note, that you will find in your mailbox. There you can find the address of the collection point in your neighborhood. You can collect the package there.

How long will it take before my package is delivered?

The delivery normally takes 3-5 working days. During holidays this can be a little longer. Unexpected conditions (strikes at b-post, extreme bad weather conditions,…) can cause that your package will be delivered a few days later.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipment within Belgium:

Small packages: 4,76 €
Medium size packages: 5,64 €
Large packages: 9,38 €

Shipment to Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Germany

Small packages: 6,88 €
Medium size packages: 8,48 €
Large packages: 13,76 €

Shipment to France, United Kingdom

Small packages: 9,28 €
Middelgrote pakketten: 12,43 €
Large packages: 19,94 €

Shipment to Italy
Small packages: 14,14 €
Medium size packages : 21,49 €
Large packages: 39,06 €

Shipment to Spain, Poland
Small packages: 15,43 €
Medium size packages: 28,86 €
Large packages: 60,95 €

Shipment to Sweden, Czhec Republic
Small packages: 15,96 €
Medium size packages: 27,02 €
Large packages: 53,44 €

Shipment to Hongary
Small packages: 15,30 €
Medium size packages: 32,39 €
Large packages: 66,23 €

Shipment to Denmark
Small packages: 14,53 €
Medium size packages: 25,60 €
Large packages: 52,11 €

Shipment to Portugal, Greece
Small packages: 16,97 €
Medium size packages: 28,96 €
Large packages: 57,61 €

Shipment to Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romenia, Slovenia, Slovakia
Small packages: 25,23 €
Medium size packages: 57,40 €
Large packages: 135,67 €

Shipment to Croatia
Small packages: 26,66 €
Medium size packages: 52,59 €
Large packages: 124,12 €

Shipment to Austria
Small packages: 27,76 €
Medium size packages: 52,08 €
Large packages: 110,19 €

Shipment to Finland, Ireland
Small packages: 17,00 €
Medium size packages: 30,20 €
Large packages: 62,11 €



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