The vision of an entrepreneur

Generale bankLike most of you who are reading this, I am an entrepreneur and/or an economist. Almost 47 years old and still leaning every day! I bought my first shares when I was 12 years old. Assurance city of Rotterdam. 10 shares. They were always excited to see me when I arrived at the General Bank ... Every day I went there twice to check if my order was completed. In addition to the response of banker Marc, I only had another source: the small columns in het newspaper ‘Het Nieuwsblad’. The revolutionary teletext was not yet invented at that time.



This brief introduction to inform about the (r)evolution that we experienced. At the time, the words of the FED only had their impact on the stock market after a few days. Today we hardly have the time to think. Even our little toe gets cramps of the fact that everything goes incredibly fast. It’s a matter of seconds before the words of the FED are included in the rate. Have a look: you will notice that there’s a curve in the price from the exact moment that Janet Yellen pronounces her magic word ‘trust’. Even my grandmother would get caught for speed in this world.


How will the USD / EUR evolve?

WisselkoersenMany (all?) banks say that we are moving towards parity and even 0.85. It’s possible. But no one knows. Meanwhile, last week I received an intern mail from a prominent club of entrepreneurs. It presumes that the euro will make a strong comeback. A good example of thinking against the grain.

What do I think? I have been following the USD for several years and I also have to guess. Although, I notice that I’m a little less pessimistic than our major banks. Is the bad news not yet included in the rate after all and is the upcoming news not rather in favor of Europe? It stays guesswork. In any case, one thing is certain: fluctuating exchange rates provide a nervous situation on all products that are related to the USD! Which is certainly a challenge for every entrepreneur.

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